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Banner Advertising Strategies That Can Make You a Lot of Money – Finding the Best Sites to Use

If you want to get more visitors to your site in your market you are going to have to make sure you are focused on using the right sites. The bottom line is the better job you do at finding the right sites in your market to advertise on, the more visitors you are going to get to your site and the more money you are going to make using this source in your market. In this article I want to show you how to find the best sites.

Why People Don’t Pay Enough Attention To This Issue…

You have to realize that when it comes to getting a lot of visitors to your site you need to make sure you are running your ads on the sites that will work the best. The biggest mistake that people make is they don’t pay enough attention to this issue and they simply buy banner ads on sites that don’t really work that well.

Most people think that if you can get a really good deal on a banner ad in your market you should run your ads on that site and get more visitors from it. That is a great idea, but you have to realize that it will not work and you will actually start to lose money.

Bad sites in your market are selling ad space for cheap because they know they can’t get people to buy it unless they discount their rates. Not only that, they know their turnover is going to be really high and every month they are going to have to find new advertisers to replace the ones that have left them.

Here Is How To Find The Best Sites In Your Market To Advertise On…

1 – You have to make sure you are focused on only using sites that have already been proven by other people in your market.

You are going to want to make sure you can see that other people are making money using the sources that you are looking to use.

2 – You have to make sure their site serves a purpose other then selling advertising.

This is the biggest mistake a lot of people make when they are trying to get more visitors to their site in their market. They focus on buying advertising from site owners whose sites serve no purpose other then to attract people to them and then try and get them to buy advertising. You have to make sure you are focused on making sure the site you are using is actually selling stuff to the visitors or providing really good content to them about the niche you are in.

Banner Advertising Strategies That Can Make You a Lot of Money – How to Track Your Conversions

One of the most important things you can do when you are trying to get more visitors to your site in the market that you are in is to make sure you focus on tracking your conversions. In this article I want to show you exactly why you need to do this and how you can do it the right way so you can get more visitors to your site from your banner advertising efforts and make more money in the process.

Why Doing This Is One Of The Most Profitable Things You Can Do Online…

When most people start out with banner advertising they simply focus on putting up ads all over their market and then hope that they are going to make a lot of money from the ads that they have put up!

You have to realize that you might make some money and you might get a few visitors to your site but in most cases you are going to end up losing money because of all the waste that you have. This means that you are going to have a lot of sites in your market that are not going to make you a profit. Because of this you are going to end up spending more money on those sites than you will actually make. That means the profits you are making from the other sites are going to end up carrying your sites that are losing you money.

So because of this you are going to dramatically decrease your profits overall. You have to make sure you are focused on doing the right things so you can increase your profits the right way.

Here Is How To Track Your Conversions The Right Way…

First – You need to make sure you are focused on using a software program to show you which sites are working to make you a lot of money.

If you do this you will easily be able to see which sites in your market are working and which ones are costing you money.

Second – You have to make sure you focus on cutting out the sites that are not making you money.

One of the mistakes people make is they will keep paying for advertising even though they are losing money. Don’t do this as the results are not going to change for you if you simply keep spending money.

You have to realize that just because you are spending money on a site does not mean it is going to work to make you a profit. You need to make sure that when you see it is losing you money that you cut it off right away and save the money.

5 Small Business Internet Advertising Strategies That Work

Getting your small, local business found on the world wide web can be a challenge, and most small business owners jut don’t have the time to research what works, or the money to pay someone else to figure it out for them.

To get you started, here are five techniques you can use today to start seeing results tomorrow.

Blogging. Simply buy a domain name, secure a hosting service, and install WordPress. For less than $20 and an hour of your time, you can get a blog up and running.

Why blogging works: Google (and other search engines) loves fresh content. If you’re choice is between a static “catalog” type page and a blog, go with a blog every time. The more you update, the more Google will crawl your site, and the more Google crawls your site, the easier it will be for potential customers to find your site and your business.

Pay Per Click advertising. If you want to guarantee search engine placement, pay per click is the way to go. Those results that show at the very top of the search results page in Google? Those are paid for by businesses just like yours who don’t want to wait for their rankings to rise naturally. By bidding on certain keywords, they essentially are buying placement in the search results.

Why pay per click works: The average Internet user doesn’t distinguish between paid results and natural results. If the link matches her inquiry, she will follow it, regardless of how it got there.

Forum posting. Forum posting is about helping your potential customers with their problems. Simply join the conversation on relevant forums and provide thoughtful advice, and you’ll find clients following you back to your site to see what else you have to say about the subject.

Why forum posting works: People like to do business with people, not corporations. By offering advice on forums, you are reminding customers that there is a real person behind your small business.

Article marketing. Article marketing is the placement of useful, relevant articles in article directories across the web. It’s another way of getting your business in front of potential customers, again by offering advice they are looking for.

Why article marketing works: The purpose of article marketing is twofold. First, article directories likely rank higher in search results than your company’s site, making it easier to get your name in front of potential customers. Second, article marketing produces valuable back links to your company’s site, which improves your own search engine ranking.

Banner advertisements. Banner advertisements are those graphic ads you see all over the web. They can be nearly any size, but most typical are 125 x 125 pixels, 468 x 60 pixels, or 160 x 600 pixels. Typically, merchants pay advertising networks to place banner ads on websites, rather than dealing directly with site owners.

Why banner advertising works: People rarely click banner ads, and when they do, they generally don’t buy. So why bother? Brand recognition. If you own a florist shop on a street full of florists, how do you get people to stop in your shop instead of your neighbor’s? By getting your brand in front of them. They might not click on your ad on the Internet, but they will recognize your shop if they’ve seen it on line, and they will choose the shop they recognize over the one they don’t every time.